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22. dubna 2008 v 16:57 | Frau Esko & Queeny |  Anglicky
In times you can't return and are lost, you turn your eyes down
Even the words you believed in are lost and the colors end
Within here what is needed?

The place you can't return to that you cling on kills your voice
In this town even light is lost You're hungry for love

While you're bare foot trying to stand you are
a person following a dream looking for a place to be
The downcast sad eyes will surely
an ore concealing the light?

Above the sky I painted, will you show your smile?
Embrace the illumination of stardust and let me sing
Now is the bud embracing the light of a dream story
Continuing from now on will be the iris shining upon the unknown

While you're bare foot trying to stand you are
a person withering in tears asking for love
The downcast sad eyes will slowly
become a jewel brilliant with light.

Until you smile we are supposed to be able to shine
Like the blooming stars in the night sky, will we shine fiercely?
The sky-colored gradation forming the city of the stars
is an iris shining over the map of a dream sown with sound

The thousand flowers blooming in the night sky
Until somehow, I hope we will be able to meet
This single time that won't change, cuts into my heart
The song that remains here, let it sound

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